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Empowering India's Global Growth

Make an impact by bridging knowledge gaps,

offering support and fostering collaboration.


What is XportCircle?

XportCircle is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering export growth from India by creating a cohesive and comprehensive ecosystem that supports manufacturers, Consumer brands, and service providers. The organization’s primary objective is to bridge the gap between knowledge and execution, thereby enabling Indian businesses to successfully expand their presence in international markets.

Why Us?

XportCircle is crucial in empowering Indian businesses to succeed in the global marketplace. By addressing the gap between knowledge and execution, providing vital resources and support, and fostering a collaborative ecosystem, the organization is paving the way for significant export growth. This, in turn, contributes to the economic prosperity of India, benefiting manufacturers, Consumer brands, service providers, and the nation as a whole.

Comprehensive Support

Gain access to essential resources, training programs, and expert guidance to enhance your export capabilities and successfully navigate international markets.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with a robust network of industry experts, global trade organizations, and potential international buyers, facilitating valuable partnerships and business growth.

Policy Advocacy and Market Access

Benefit from advocacy for favorable export policies and receive assistance in identifying and entering new markets, helping to increase your business’s export volumes and revenues.

Vision and Mission

The vision of XportCircle is to see India emerge as a global export powerhouse. To achieve this vision, the organization’s mission revolves around:

● Knowledge Sharing

Providing access to vital information, industry insights, and best practices that are essential for successful exporting. This includes understanding international trade regulations, market trends, and consumer preferences in different regions.

● Capacity Building

Offering training programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance the skills and capabilities of Indian manufacturers, D2C brands, and service providers. These initiatives are designed to help businesses overcome the various challenges associated with exporting.

● Market Access

Assisting businesses in identifying and accessing new markets. This includes providing resources for market research, facilitating participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions, and connecting businesses with potential buyers and distributors abroad.

● Networking and

Engaging with government bodies to advocate for policies that favor export activities. XportCircle works to ensure that regulatory frameworks and trade policies are conducive to the interests of Indian exporters.

How are we different

Neutral approach by aligning all stakeholders ( government, enablers and sellers )

One stop platform all things export via direct solutions or partnerships

Policy advocacy to liaison with the government and derive better outcomes for the larger ecosystem

Strategic Objectives

Export Growth

The primary aim is to increase the volume and value of Indian exports. This involves supporting businesses in diversifying their product offerings and expanding into new markets.

Reducing Trade Deficit

By focusing on export growth, the organization aims to reduce the trade deficit. Encouraging more exports over imports helps balance trade and improves the overall economic health of the country.

Economic Impact

By boosting exports, XportCircle aims to contribute significantly to India’s economic growth. Increased exports lead to higher revenues for Indian businesses, which in turn stimulates economic activity and job creation.

Sustainable Development

Ensuring that the growth in exports is sustainable and environmentally friendly. XportCircle promotes practices that are not only profitable but also responsible and sustainable.

Export Readiness Program

A comprehensive training program designed to equip businesses with the necessary skills and knowledge to start exporting or enhance their existing export activities

Trade Missions and Delegations

Organizing trade missions and delegations to various countries, providing businesses with opportunities to explore new markets, meet potential buyers, and establish business relationships.

Export Incentive Schemes

Working with government agencies to inform businesses about various export incentive schemes and helping them avail these benefits.

Digital Platforms

Developing online platforms that provide resources, tools, and support for exporters. This includes e-learning modules, virtual trade shows, and an online community for exporters to share experiences and insights



Access to International Channel Partners:

Marketplaces, retailers, distributors, and more to expand your global reach.

Access to International Solution Providers

Comprehensive services including warehousing, logistics, Import/Export, Manufacturer of Record (MOR), and Importer of Record (IOR).

Access to Capital for Building International Business

Resources and connections to secure funding for global expansion.

Market Access Programs

Tailored programs to accelerate your presence and growth in specific regions.

Access to Government Subsidies

Information and assistance to leverage government subsidies and incentives for exports.

Knowledge and Training

General export knowledge, insights on various schemes, and detailed learnings specific to countries, regions, and product categories

Access to Technology and Digital Tools

Provide resources for e-commerce platforms, digital marketing tools, and other technologies essential for international trade.

Legal and Compliance Support

Offer guidance on international trade laws, compliance requirements, and intellectual property protection.

Impact Measurement

XportCircle measures its impact through various metrics, including:

Export Growth Rates

Tracking the increase in export volumes and values among the businesses they support.

Business Success Stories

Documenting and sharing success stories of businesses that have benefited from their programs and initiatives

Economic Indicators

Monitoring changes in economic indicators such as trade balance, employment rates, and GDP contributions from the export sector
Our Export Advisors

Rajveer Singh

ACDS – Managing Director Ex Deputy Director FICCI

  • LinkedIn

Tabrez Ahmad

Group Director Government Affairs & Public Policy, Asia Pacific and Japan - Dell Technologies

  • LinkedIn
Navin Mistry.png

Navin Mistry

Cofounder – goGlocal Advisor – ShiprocketX

Ex PayPal, Ex ebay

  • LinkedIn
Akshay Ghulati.jpg

Akshay Ghulati

Cofounder – ShiprocketX

Ex Amazon

  • LinkedIn
Ankur Agarwal.jpg

Ankur Agarwal

Cofounder & CEO Intoglo

Ex Cardekho

  • LinkedIn

Shruti Agarwal

goGlocal - Head of Partnerships 

Cofounder - D2C Insider

  • LinkedIn
Our Founding Members
Arjun Vaidya.jpg

Arjun Vaidya

Co-Founder @ V3 Ventures ex Founder @ Dr. Vaidya's

  • LinkedIn
Rajiv Prakash.jpg

Rajiv Prakash

Advisor –Rainmatter Foundation
Founder –Next in Advisory
Ex Future Group

  • LinkedIn
Samarjeet Singh.jpg

Samarjeet Singh

CEO & TIG –Iksula
Director Revboosters & BrandFantics

  • LinkedIn
Anirudh Bhagchandka.jpg

Anirudh Bhagchandka

Founder –goGlocal
Management –Global Trade Observer

  • LinkedIn
Kuldeep Mirani.jpg

Kuldeep Mirani

Cofounder & CEO

Beyond Seed
Ex Sr. VP -Shopmatic

  • LinkedIn

Abhay Deshpande

Founder –Recykal
Ex Founder Martjack

  • LinkedIn
Param Bhargava.jpg

Param Bhargava

Founder at T.A.C
The Ayurveda Company
Co-Chairman at ASSOCHAM

  • LinkedIn

Shreedha Singh

Founder at T.A.C
The Ayurveda Company

  • LinkedIn
Kshitij Ladia.jpg

Kshitij Ladia

Cofounder - D2C Insider
Ex. Pharmeasy, Ex Cardekho

  • LinkedIn
Amit Mishra.jpg

Amit Mishra

 VP –JioPlatforms Ltd. Ex Cofounder 3to1 Capital

  • LinkedIn
udit goenka.jpg

Udit Goenka

Founder & CEO –TinyCheque PitchGround,

  • LinkedIn

Akshay Shivpuri

Cofounder -SAADAA

  • LinkedIn
Vikas Bagga.jpg

Vikas Bagga

Business startegy consultant

& Mentor for start-Ups

  • LinkedIn
Our Executive Team

Shruti Agarwal

goGlocal – Head of Partnerships

Cofounder- D2C Insider

  • LinkedIn
Shweta Bisht.jpg

Shweta Avilash Bisht

Contributor - Skills, Livelihood & Entrepreneurship Development

  • LinkedIn
Sourabh Goyal.jpg

Sourabh Goyal

Founder & CEO – Successbrew Chief Contribution Officer – The Goalchy Club

  • LinkedIn
anuj kanwar.jpg

Anuj Kanwar

Founder – School Sharks

Advisor –

Ex HSBC Commercial Banking

  • LinkedIn

Anurag Iyer

Hustler Head of New Initiatives – Healthians

Associate Director - Mobikwik

  • LinkedIn

Khushboo Rastogi

Partnership Lead – D2C Insider Head of Growth – Argoid AI

  • LinkedIn

Our Community Partners

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